FY 2017 CoC Program Competition: Project Selections, Priority Listing & CoC Application

The FY 2017 Cambridge CoC Consolidated Application and Priority Listing are available for review:

Consolidated Application (attachments included): 2017.09.25_ConsolidatedApplication_MA509
Priority Listing: 2017.09.25_PriorityListing_MA509

The Priority Listing reflects the final project rankings (originally posted on September 7, 2017) available here:

All projects were evaluated using the ranking and selections process described in detail in the Local Competition Information document (posted and distributed on July 27, 2017) available here: 2017_CCoC_NOFA_Procedures

All components of the FY 2017 application will be submitted to HUD on Wednesday, September 27. Please contact emengers@cambridgema.gov with questions or feedback. Thank you to all CoC project applicants, subrecipients, partners & CoC Board members for your contributions to this year’s submission!

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