New: Resource Directory Map

Embedded below is a new map version of our Directory of Resources for People Homeless in Cambridge. To view full-screen (recommended), visit or click the “full-screen” icon in the map below. To view our PDF document with slightly more information, visit

A few tips and notes to help you use this map:

  • Resources are separated into categories that can be viewed in a pop-out menu on the left. You can unselect categories you do not need in order to make the map more clear.
  • A search function allows you to search for a keyword that may be relevant to your needs, for example “breakfast” or “transgender”.
  • Information selected reflects the fact that our Directory is compiled with Cambridge-based homeless persons in mind. As a result, it provides as comprehensive a list of resources within Cambridge as possible, while resources outside Cambridge are generally included because they serve a specialized need. For example, there are many emergency shelters in Boston that are not listed here.
  • A number of services that are not accessed at a specific address (for example, a domestic violence hotline or street outreach services) are shown with their address points in the Charles River in order to reduce confusion.


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