October HMIS News

Data Quality in Clarity  Planning and Development staff review data on a quarterly basis at the minimum, but Program Managers and front end users are encouraged to run their own reports more frequently to evaluate data for your specific programs. Remember, your data quality influences not just your project and agency’s reporting, but our CoC’s System Level Performance Measure Report to HUD.

Recommended reports are:

  • HUDX-120 (Current APR), under HUD Reports
  • HUDX-221 (ESG CAPER), under HUD Reports
  • DQXX-102 (Program Data Review), under Program Based Reports
  • GENRL-220 (Program Details Report), under Program Based Reports

All users should review their caseload tab and the status due tab lists any active clients that need annual assessments. Program Managers should have access to STFF-103, under Agency Management Reports, to see particular users’ active caseloads.

Data Standards Tutorials HUD has released a Data Standards Tutorial Portal. Its purpose is to examine each of the required data elements found in the HMIS Data Standards Manual in detail and approach them in various contexts, including project type, population asked, fields and responses, etc. The portal uses audio, info-graphics, example cases and FAQs to help users understand each element.

HMIS Usability Survey  The North Carolina CoC has published a survey to gather data on system usability among HMIS software solutions. The survey takes about 5 minutes and the data gathered will be shared across CoCs and HMIS Leads across the country. If you’d like to participate (anonymously or with an email address) you can take the survey here. It is available until October 31st. You can also view preliminary response information based on already completed surveys here.

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